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kirt still up around my waist. opened the bedroom door and told me to pull my warm clothes. Once they were gone, he twilightsex said, " Take off your bra and thong and lay twilightsex face up on the bed with your legs - you'll be fucked senseless. " I did exactly what I said. The three men stripped of their clothes, and Steve was between twilightsex my legs and rammed his dick to me, he fucked me hard and rough, and swore to me all the time. One man pushed his cock in my mouth, while his friend was masturbating with one hand and pulled my boobs very hard with the other. and I felt an orgasm building when Steve said " Let's do this bitch," then and took me. He told the man to put in my mouth and told me to goabove, then he pushed me forward and push the other man said his cock in my mouth, what he did. In that moment I twilightsex felt something cold and slimy, is rubbed on my ass, and for the first time in my life, the head of a mans cock twilightsex sliding direction in the ass. The other two men pushed in and out of me and Steve slowly pushed his cock in m
Quotes y ass, as soon as his head at me, I started to run and run and run. in a minute, the three men were riding me hard, and they were all grunts and groans. I was just like his fucking cum and used to love. I was practically screaming at the cock in my mouth as I exploded into the biggest orgasm of my life. I did not notice that swallowed twilightsex a cum Mans, where his partner was in my pussy. Then Steve picked up his ass like an animal until he arrived. The three men came out of me and lay down in bed, panting. I ran to the front of the man under me, and then shot him. The two men had gathered at the bar was, and thenand in silence, dressed thanked Steve for inviting them, and thanked me for allowing them to enjoy one of the best shit I ever had. When they left, Steve was fine, I ran into a bathroom and when I came out, gave me a nice massage and we chatted and laughed about what had happened. For both it was a fantasy fulfilled, y. After a while we left the hotel and said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and has no plans to meet again all had a great time !


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This is the next " hotel taxi " story I wrote. which had met with ' Steve ' in a place like this, and we had a lecture full of events so far, and very sexy at twilightsex the hotel by taxi. As soon as we entered the hotel, we went into the bar a couple of drinks and suddenly talking to a few sales people who were there. Steve wasted no time to tell them that I had a dirty bitch, who has met online, and filling in what happens during the taxi ride to the hotel. Talk all the time, I touched her breasts and pinched my nipples. I was embarrassed, but also active. After a while he said : "Im going to take this dog to our room, to join us, huh ? " The two men said they would like, so we went to the bar and got into the elevator . Once they were driven to lift my skirt exposing Steve my stockings, suspenders and thong and immediately put his finger in my vagina wet, the other two men began toI rubbed my breasts again and Steve called me a bitch and whore cock dirty love. The elevator doors opened, Steve pulled his fingers from me and pushed me into the room with my s